Three seasons of this limited series was produced between 2001 – 2003 focussing on how we negotiate our place and purpose as ‘cogs in the modern workplace machine’. It was co-created with veteran CBC producer Ira Basen, wily field reporter Nick Purdon and our in-house Clockwatcher, Lisa Ayuso.

Creator and editor of Wanted Words, a popular CBC radio segment 1999 – 2001
Host of Radio One’s And Sometimes Y, a show about language and words, 2008 – 2009
Host of Radio One’s Home, a series about the social construction of domesticity, 2003
Host of Radio One’s The Omnivore, a series on eating and drinking, 2005
Guest host of  CBC Radio One’s ‘Q’, summer 2009
Producer, Network Current Affairs, Radio One, This Morning, Sounds Like Canada, The Sunday Edition, 1998 to 2007