Jane has put her skills as a journalist and radio host to use as a valued and animated host, emcee and moderator at a wide range of events. Whether it calls for serious political debate or entertaining a full house, Jane is a comfortable and affable host and moderator.

“As our Park Summit MC Jane was skilled at putting people at east who weren’t used to the limelight. She drew them out with warmth and humour allowing fresh new voices from across the city to be heard. Always an entertaining and informative aspect of the day’s programming.” Park People

“Superb moderation by Jane Farrow at today’s Agriculture 4.0 event – funny, interactive, probing- great insights on the growth and value of rural life.”

“She is an amazing moderator and has a real ability to play the crowd. She’s great at throwing back questions to hold the candidate’s feet to the fire.” – Vote TO 416, Xtra Magazine

“Jane did an amazing job moderating our conference, with all her humour, passion and insight.” – Ontario Non-Profit Network